How does work?


I am a breeder


  1. Choose your stallion
  2. Click on the order button
  3. Please fill in the form. If your email address is recognized, you will not be asked again for your name and address.
  4. You will go through the form step by step. Depending on the stallion and the rules of the stallion holder you may be asked to pay in advance. If this is the case, your money goes via Sisow of Mollie Payments to the concerned stallion holder who collects the semen andsends it.
  5. Please don’t forget to tick the box “I’m not a robot”.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email or an invoice in your mailbox, depending on the choice you have made. You confirm the order in the confirmation email. We take this step to ensure that you actually place the order. The stallion holder receives a signal in the HorseManager app that a cover has been ordered.



Stallion holders may have different closing times for the semen that must be delivered the same day.

The order form takes this into account. If you have any questions, you can call mobile phone +31 (0) 6 34 33 44 78 from 07.00 am till 24.00 pm Dutch time.

Good luck with your breeding!!


I am a stallion keeper

A customer place an order, what will happen then?

You get a push notification on your smartphone via the HorseManager app.

What will happen in HorseManager?

  1. A customer has been created that did not exist yet
  2. A mare has been created that did not exist yet
  3. A cover has been created with mare/stallion combination that did not appeared yet this year, otherwise an extra date will be added.
  4. A first initial invoice has been created



Depending on whether the customer has the choice to pay directly, the money is already with the Payment provider (Sisow of Mollie Payments), depending on the settings it will be transferred to yourself.

Also there will be a notification in the dashboard that an order has been received.


How can I see quickly from which stallion I have to send semen today?


  1. Go to cover
  2. Go to cover filter
  3. Tick the box to: show cover of all customers
  4. Fill in today’s date in the data field and close the filter


HorseManager software for your company? Call +31 (0) 6 34 33 44 78